Product Lifecycle Management Competency Centre

The PLMCC are centers of expertise on the tools of PLM. These are in charge of :

  •  Develop new technological and pedagogical approaches.
  • Upgrade the teachers to the concept of PLM as well as its teaching.
  • Dissemination of PLM concept through seminars, workshops and other technical events.
  • Establish a network of training institution in the field of PLM within which PLMCC will be a reference center, allowing the implementation of collaborative work.

The PLMCC come from the partnership of Dassault Systemes, as well as of the Ministry of Education and a university. Everyone contributes to the creation of PLMCC by the following manner :

  • Dassault Systems provides software and technical support.
  • The Ministry of Education makes available for a period of three years a French expert professor in the tools of PLM.
  • The local university makes available premises, equipment and personnel.

Currently, many PLMCC are already present throughout the world :

  •  PLMCC India
  •  PLMCC Brazil
  •  PLMCC Mexico
  • PLMCC South Africa

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